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Friday, June 28, 2013

WinRAR password remover hack

We present working WinRAR password remover hack, feel free to download it from your favourite hack resource.

We present free WinRAR password remover hack 2013 version, I made it with Luna and little help of Odin Remake team (my old group with new members) in one week. It removes password from any *.rar archive (and even other archives). To get it working you must extract it from archive, launch it and if it opens (if not please read FAQ) then press "Browse RAR File", choose your archive and press "Remove the Password" button. Depending on how long and hard the password is and how fast is your computer it will take from couple mins to couple hours. After it's done you should receive an copy of protected archive without password. To download it look below, it weights 15,25 MB.

Download WinRAR password remover hack

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